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Wix Training

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Develop your skills

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Whether you're new to Wix or have several years of experience with the platform, it's important to know how to update, maintain, even transform your website on your own. The Wix platform is always improving itself, so much so that unless you use it all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with everything Wix has to offer.

I offer one-on-one training, either in person or via Zoom, customized to your needs. We start with a 30-minute free-phone consultation, then schedule a 90-minute training session. If you need more, we'll add enough more time to get you comfortable with building and growing your website on your own. A single session costs $120 for 90 minutes, but if we determine you'd like more time I'll offer a custom package for you.

Group training sessions are also available-timing and cost will vary on the number of people attending and the specific needs of the group.

Notes:  I do not offer training on the use of Velo, Wix's code platform, nor Editor X. If you would like to work with Velo or Editor X, I can refer you to another designer who is an expert at that service. All website design packages include a one-hour training session.

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