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  • Wix Account Set-Up

  • Social Media Account Set-Up and page creation

  • Domain Registration or Transfer

  • Custom Email Set-Up

  • External Service Provider Linkage & Set-Up (eg. Donor Box, Google Images)

  • Installation and design of specialized apps (eg. Wix forms, Bookings, Store, etc.)

  • Database set-up

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  • Branding packages

  • Color and font recommendations

  • Simple graphics

  • Simple logos

  • Element animation

  • Social media banners

  • Mobile Site Customizations

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Types of websites

  • Business (small and large)

  • Non-profits (small and large)

  • Blogs

  • Healthcare providers

  • Online Stores

  • Online Services

  • Multilingual 

  • The Arts & Artists

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  • Content  evaluation & recommendations

  • Light text editing

  • Light photo editing

  • Stock photo research

  • Graphics

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  • Basic SEO including Wix SEO Wizard Recommendations


  • Installation of User way

  • Installation of Accessibility Policy

  • Recommendations from

           Wix Accessibility Wizard


  • Installation of Wix's Consent-

            To -Cookies Popup

  • Installation of Privacy Policy

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Training & Support

  • Basic training to enable you to maintain your website

  • More advanced training to develop your skills and website.

  • Hourly support once your website is published.

The services listed here are to give you a sense of some of the specifics of what I offer. The types of services you choose will depend in large part on the nature and scope of your project. If you need something in addition to what I have laid out here, I will subcontract with another designer who has the expertise that you are looking for. 


I cannot provide advice about making your site fully compliant with specific privacy laws or acts, or specific accessibility laws or acts.  You may want to consult with an attorney or other professional who has expertise in the laws governing your business and business location for assistance with policies and compliance. 

I cannot guarantee improvements to your website's search engine ranking, but the web pages that we develop are accessible to search engines. SEO is influenced by factors beyond the design of your website. If you are in need of advanced SEO recommendations, I will connect you with another designer who can be of assistance.