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coffee with flower on white office table, for use on Web Design by Dena Testa Bray, LLC

What I Bring To The Work

Dena Testa Bray, Web Design by Dena Testa Bray, LLC

 I fell in love with website design when I began my culinary journal, Gathering Flavors, in 2011. I learned quickly about the creativity working on the web inspires and its ability to connect with people near and far.

Through our collaboration on your website, I will see you through not only designing your web presence but becoming comfortable with being online and learning how to express yourself through this medium. It's likely at the start that you won't know what to expect. Few people do. It will become abundantly clear as soon as we begin. Very shortly after, there will be a moment when your concerns about the process change into excitement about seeing your business come alive on the internet. Your joy is my success.

I also bring—

  • 10 + years experience in website design

  • 60 + websites launched

  • A love of listening

  • An ability to translate your ideas and goals into action and design

  • Relationships with other design professionals to tap into their specialized skills when needed

  • A commitment to empowering you with the confidence to grow and manage your website

  • A commitment to providing you with ongoing support and recommendations


As a solo business owner, I've honed my skills and built my talents, using Wix's platform and the opportunities Wix has offered me to build my business. I'm a—

  • Wix Certified Designer

  • Wix Certified Trainer

  • Member of the Wix Marketplace

  • Wix Partner with 'Icon" status (this gives me access to new design features, discounts, a Wix account manager, and premium support, all of which I pass on to my clients)

  • Wix Community Facebook Group Moderator


I'm also a member of the Squarespace Circle—a group of creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace. My culinary blog, Gathering Flavors, is published on Squarespace.

Note: I do not work for Wix or Squarespace, nor do I receive any payments from them. My relationship with each of these companies gives me access to some of the features listed above.